Warp Skip! is a blog about video games by a group of friends. The games and topics discussed may or may not be the latest thing that everyone else is talking about— one of our main goals with this blog is to give us a reason to think about and discuss whatever it is that we choose to play, a place outside of the regular hype cycle of previews and new releases by big studios and buzz developers.

Between us, we play all sorts of games on nearly every platform: console, handheld, web and PC; new and extinct; domestic and import. We hope to highlight games that people who might not spend a lot of time playing games would be interested in playing, since many of our friends look for that kind of guidance from us. There is no standard "review" format, but some posts may just contain general thoughts about a game one of us has been playing recently. In another post we may just be joking around about something or posting a link to something you may not have seen if you didn't have your ear to the ground like this group of dudes does.


Casey organized Warp Skip! in 2009. He thinks it's still cool to put an exclamation point in a website's name and make meta-references about writing biographies in the third person. His favorite games are ChuChu Rocket and Donkey Kong '94.
Bill is a Computer Science smarty-pants living in Wisconsin. He takes difficult games as a personal challenge and, when not working on his research, can often be found cursing in front of a TV at 3am.
Scott something something something. His spirit animal is Chris Kohler.
Allison is a real New York City so-and-so. She writes Python scripts to do silly things involving linguistics for fun.


For the fat new games journalism cash, obviously.