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October 3, 2011

Come On Now, People, Make A Stand

Navy Fleet is an iPhone game in the vein of Picross or Sudoku, a logic puzzle built around Battleship-like placement of a specific set of ships of varying sizes in a field of water. Using clues telling you how many spaces on each row contain ships and an occasional starting space or two already revealed, you must uncover the location of all of the ships. It’s a pretty simple concept and there are only 100 levels but I’ve been really enjoying it for the past few days.

I’d like to see the developer add on to the game with levels that change up the concept a bit, maybe with a larger board and a different assortment of ships. Still, these are keeping me busy for now (I’m about to unlock Admiral, the last set of puzzles) and I consider it $1.99 well spent on a simple, well-executed concept. I’m still waiting for a truly killer Picross game to come out on iPhone (I keep an eye on this pretty carefully, and have not been impressed by any so far), so this is a nice game along the same lines to play while I wait.


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