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June 8, 2012

The best excerpts from Wikipedia’s Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility Guide

  • Tire screeching noise can last throughout an entire race.
  • Cannot use Pump It Up dance pad.
  • Every time disk is started, requires console reboot.
  • The option to assign keys to the Right Trigger in the Settings menu is missing.
  • In certain regions, such as around the Pyongyang Airport, the game will abruptly freeze.
  • In night-time races, the moon appears as a large blue square in the sky!
  • Text, compass, and prone status not sharpened.
  • Also framerate drops slightly at points where a lot of “action” is going on.
  • certain graphics lag (e.g., Snow, Explosions).
  • Afterburners show up as black voids instead of white mist.
  • Traces of blood dropping from the HUD may remain over the black bar on the bottom.
  • Game may also crash after a double KO.
  • Create-A-Boxer’s facial hair cannot be seen on cab. Some patches on the head of a boxer are completely transparent.
  • When the controller vibrates, it occasionally doesn’t stop vibrating.
  • Sometimes solutions to puzzles are presented BEFORE the actual puzzle is given.
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